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A Thank you from a competitor.
Sep 17

A Thank you from a competitor.

There are so many wonderful competitors out there these days that go out of their way to write to sponsors and thank them for their time and funding of the

competition that I thought we would send out a big Thank you to Wendy for her appreciation and for taking the time to contact out Consultant Lynne


Dear Lynne

Guinot Spring Dressage Festival – a Fabulous Event!

I want to thank you and congratulate you for the spectacular success of the Guinot Spring Dressage Festival last weekend.

Tanya and Sandy did an amazing job, there was a real gala atmosphere, participation has never been higher, and riders, judges, and spectators alike really had a fantastic time.

Your sponsorship and interest are wonderful – we particularly appreciated you being there for so much of the weekend, and for the dinner and the evening’s entertainment.

We do hope to see you back here next year for the Autumn Festival,


Best wishes

Wendy Barker