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Equissage effectiveness
Jun 01

Equissage effectiveness

As the week starts off for yet another exciting week in the Equissage world, we received a great phone call from one of our most recent QLD based clients. After only 4 days of using both the Equissage devices on her 15 year old horse who suffers a little from old age. She was over the moon when explaining that they won the 1st trophy on the weekend at a Gymkhana.

This lovely lady who is in her mid 60’s herself has also received major improvements in her pain levels and energy from just a few treatments herself. No painkillers and plenty of well being is now both her and her trusty companions outlook from now on.

Equissage uses Cycloid Vibration Therapy which is recognized by the Australian TGA and has been used by millions of people and horses since the late 1940’s. Equissage devices are made to the same exacting standards as the Niagara Medical Devices that are used by the Australian Institute of Sport, clinics, universities and by professionals across the country.

Equissage leads the way in Equine Therapy and the magic comes from everyday people, top trainers and riders using their equipment everyday not just once a week or month.

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