Equissage Perfect for Rehabilitation
May 15

Equissage Perfect for Rehabilitation

Equissage Perfect for RehabilitationEquissage client Erin Loudon from Performance Horses Inc yesterday took time out of her busy schedule to treat the horses from Heavy Horse Heaven a specialised Clydesdale and Heavy Horse rescue group located in Royalla.

Pictured below is Darius one of the most recently acquired horses at Heavy Horse Heaven enjoying Erin’s Purple Equissage unit, what Darius does not know is that the increased circulation he is gains from the Equissage unit is going to help improve his digestion and make it easier for his body to break down and use all the good nutrients that he will now be getting from Heavy Horse Heaven, along with the many other benefits that Equissage for a horse in his condition.
Great work Erin….

For more info on the benefits of Equissage on horses during Rehabilitation go to this link http://www.equissage.com.au/rehabilitation