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Rising Star Profile

Ava Halloran

Victoria | National Show Horse Champion
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5 Highlights of your Equestrian Career 

Champion Intermediate Rider at the EA Nationals
Champion Rider at Melbourne Royal, Adelaide Royal , Sydney Royal and Hobart Royal
Champion and Runner Up Champion rider at Show Horse Council of Australia Grand Nationals Championships

What do you like most about your Equissage?

Since purchasing our Equissage, we have not looked back! Not only has it made a difference in the performance of our competition horses, but we have also seen a noticeable change in their behaviour, including appetite around the stables. We use our Equissage before every ride and on the horses’ days off, and have been amazed with how loose they feel afterwards. You can tell that all of our horses, especially our OTT hack, Muse, love it, as they stand stationary with their eyes almost closed, in a trance like state only coming alive when their treatment ends. Relaxation at that level has to be a good thing!

What do you feel makes you an elite athlete within your chosen discipline?

I have been involved with horses from a very early age with both of my parents riding too, so it was almost inevitable that I would follow on in their footsteps. Along with a very strong passion to compete, comes dedication, persistence and a willingness to be constantly open to learning; from my horses and others. To be an athlete at elite level, you must have natural talent and a deep desire to not only perform at your best, but better than the person beside you, next to you and infront of you. It is almost an out of body instinct that also juggles the ability to be brave, bold, resilient. And if you can do all of that and still be true to yourself, stay humble and a good sportsperson, then this I believe epitomises the “elite athlete”. Like all sports, there are highs and lows in the sport of equestrian but more so, because it isn’t just yourself you are managing, you are caring for your equine partner too and often that comes at a huge price, emotionally, physically and financially. However, from these experiences, good and bad, you learn, adapt and grow as a person and hopefully a better, more talented athlete.

What will you bring to Team Equissage?

Being a part of Team Equissage is something I feel extremely honoured about and I look forward to the opportunity of being able to promote such an exciting initiative supported by a revolutionary company. We only recommend products which we use and love, and I know that through my social media account, I will be able to do just this. Already I find myself telling people the difference it has made to our horses in such a short time. I would also be open to the idea of starting my own blog to share my thoughts and possibly interview some elite athletes who use Equissage to gain insight into how it has benefitted their horses and how they manage performance horses of such calibre. With my passion, dedication, creativity and willingness to learn, I hope to bring all of these qualities to Team Equissage for an exciting partnership and future!