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Rising Star Profile

Tilley Fair

Drysdale Victoria | Show Jumping
Rising Star - Tilley Fair


Some of my highlights of my career include winning the youth challenge at the World Wetlands Day show in 2022. This qualified me for the youth olympics held at Aachen 20222, the world’s premier horse event. At the Victorian state titles this year I placed 4th in the Victorian State Titles Young Rider final where the jumps were up to 1m45, and on my other horse I won the first round of the Junior title and placed 2nd In round 2. I then placed 5th in the Stall Tops Young Rider series event at GDP, a prestigious series for young riders sponsored by one of the world’s top professional Showjump stables. Earlier this year my horses placed 1st and 3rd in the NVSJC Junior title, over a challenging course.

What do you like most about your Equissage?

I absolutely love the versatility of my Equissage. I use it on my showjumpers before and after working them to help increase circulation and warm them up prior to a strenuous jumping session and afterwards to release muscle tension and soreness. I also use it as part of my regular pre-round routine and preparation at shows to make sure my horses are performing at their very best at the competitions and its also helps relax them when we are getting ready to compete.

What do you feel makes you an elite athlete within your chosen discipline?

To become an elite athlete means a total dedication to my sport; basically every day my time is allocated to the care of my horses, training and preparing for competition and striving to better myself. I am competing at some of the most prestigious shows in the country at a high level. I am now fortunate enough to be in a position where I am able to contribute back to my sport by helping out and mentoring other riders and educating and competing client horses.

What will you bring to Team Equissage?

My best quality is probably that I am always looking forward to my next challenge and optimistic about what each day brings. I love working towards short and long term goals in a positive mindframe and I think that this positivity will be an asset to my role within Team Equissage as I feel that I will genuinely be promoting a brand that I truly believe in. I have used Equissage for many years and have placed great trust in the products that I have been fortunate enough to use. I believe that I am also kind, friendly and approachable, and I am a regular user of social media. I really look forward to using my natural enthusiasm to promote your brand.

Short Bio for Introduction for the Equissage Website

I am a passionate young rider looking to get to the top of my sport of showjumping. I have been fortunate enough to have Equissage products to use on my horses since I was small and riding show ponies! Equissage is one of my main tools that I use to keep my horses in excellent condition ready for the big shows or even just for training and riding at home.