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Super mare Black Caviar is breaking all the rules.
Sep 17

Super mare Black Caviar is breaking all the rules.

Our own super-mare Black Caviar is Breaking all the rules, with news that she will be the first animal to feature on the cover of fashion magazine, Vogue.

She recently took part in a photo shoot with an unidentified model, and nelly took the whole thing in her stride.

The photos will feature on the cover of Vogue magazine’s December issue.

Meantime, the big question is whether Black Caviar will race again.

“We all want to race her again,” commented trainer, Peter Moody.

“I think Australia wants to see her again.” “But bearing in mind it’s never been a financial thing for the owners, we’re not going to race her for the sake of racing her.

“We all want to protect what she’s done. If we think she can build on it we’d love to do that.”

Black Caviar has the best chance of any horse to compete again she has access to all state of the art Equine health including her own personalized Equissage machine, that she uses every day and it even travels with her overseas.